Friday, May 3, 2013

Easter Photos
decorating the eggs...
i get a little obsessive because while i want so deeply to hone in on some form of martha stewart talent, this is as good as it gets.
but as is typical in our home - happy smiles from the kids.  so, get over yourself me and accept that these precious kids value the joyful moments, not the perfect pastel egg.
and the easter photo...
which led to the domestic dispute.
as soon as i put on makeup & dressed in something without the elastic band i knew an argument was imminent.  just how long could we fend off the inevitable?  it was after church and lunch when my horns began to sprout.  notice there are no family shots.  my fault.  next year.  we'll make it happen!  maybe the week before easter.  too much pressure the day of.

an angry jeff was behind this lens as i was gritting my teeth
no worries - all was well in the scrugham home the day after
the angst that goes into creating the "happy" family shot 


  1. i think they are by far sweet and adorable pictures, as always : ) ....if it makes you feel any better we took a family shot (that i've yet to post) and somehow with the zillion of pictures taken casey is out of focus...sigh. oh well we tried : ) so they can't all be good i suppose. i have to say i'm confused......argument, elastic band?? haha...not sure what you are referring to but sounds like life with multiple children and husband and wife normalcy : )

  2. Elastic because I wear running or tennis clothes every day, and when i do choose to dress up a bit (which is never!), I want a photo to document the event:). This leads to the argument because family photo ops lead to such stress in our home:)))
    Erica, I'm a mess!!!:))

    1. haha! i can so relate!!! yoga pants is all i wear 95% of the time! casey doesn't love them either : ) and he doesn't love the family photo times when i say "can we get a picture"---well let's just say it's not his most favorite past time : ) but i'm the same-- i figure i want a good family picture every so often so we can look back and see we had several taken over the course of the year! you're not a mess, you're a mom with 3 young children : )

  3. Ohhhh, I can relate! I will say, Chad encourages my photo passion, which is good, but the moment my parents are around, all goes south, fast! My mom loves to take pictures, but is s.l.o.w. and everyone has been posed for 3 minutes before a snap goes off! Cue my Dad to lose it!! HA! I took a pic of my parents and Way at lunch after his baptism, which was after 20 minutes after my Mom was behind the camera. You should have seen my Dad's "smile." I couldn't even post it! HA!!! BUT--i LOVE that shot of all 3 kiddos with Edward's leg up---they are precious!!!!!!!!!!!!