Friday, May 31, 2013

Ballet and a Precious Friendship

i don't know what i look forward to more each season?  the anticipated recital at year's end, or the next several months spent with these two precious girls.
oh, mary evelyn and i do exchange the woeful moans every wednesday as one of us on our appointed week heads out with the girls to practice at 4:45 in the evening.  the 'playdate' before is a necessary tool to give the week's driver the energy and umpf to get out the door and make it to practice.  
it's a mutually symbiotic relationship.  we need the other to rally!
BUT...  at recital's end mev and i always look to each other in complete agreement - it was worth every minute, and where can we sign up for next season!
this is what i love.
note evie.  she gravitates for the stage.  huge, radiating smile.  loves every minute in front of the audience.
langston?  not sure?  she claims she enjoys it, and i believe her.  we've just got to break through that focus & get a smile.  she is spot on in most moves.  she's a "serious" dancer.

and the pose

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  1. Ohhh how I love to look at these beautiful, little ballet pictures and all the girly-ness in them!!! Quite content not knowing about the girl stuff with all of my boys, but SOOO love enjoying it through my friends' girls! Thanks!!!