Saturday, June 15, 2013

11 months - a couple more

lyda, at 11 months you...
love to engage,
you adore attention,
though love your independence too (i often find you alone playing with toys in E & L's room or the playroom),
you are a spitfire at times (no worries - i like this spunk),
you love being held in the moby, looking out & inclusion in the moment,
you seem to love the compliments given to you,
& you are into just about everything - earning the title "danger baby."

and this will reflect terribly on my parenting skills - but to reference why we gave you this alias - you have thus far
 - raided kelly's advil - successfully opening the child proof lid, & managing to eat (we think/hope) one pill, necessitating a call to two pediatricians and poison control
 - stuffed a golf sized ball of wasabi in your mouth
 - attempted to drink nail polish remover
 - have a hankering for eating batteries
 - have found plugs & opening cabinets as favorite playtime activities
 - loves climbing steps
 - prefers siblings 'tiny' toys to the age appropriate toys of your own
4 eyes should be fixed on you at all times

what the future holds for you is exciting.  watching your personality develop in your first year has been nothing short of a tremendous blessing.  you are a beauty & a happy little lady.  you seem to enjoy life as the third child & the frenzied, harried lifestyle that results from three & me.  i'm always rushing, naps for you are dependent on others' activites, kids are always hovering & doting regardless if you are awake or sound asleep, but you hang in there & adapt to the moment.
you are one of a kind, as you should be.
we love you...


  1. LOVE all of your kiddos! Lyda is just like you...she likes to live on the edge! :) Can't wait to see what she is like in a few years. So blessed to have dear friends to share our children with - and your children are blessed to have such a good mom! Love you!

  2. Ohhh beautiful baby girl!! Love that you know her personality! WOW--I didn't know all she was into--yes, yes, 4 eyes on her at all times!! Ummmm, like that's possible?! Ha! That's most definitely how it was with Miles, and for now, we know Baby Way isn't going anywhere, but when he does, yikes! So much busyness with everyone, but love all the LOVE!!! Love this post, Lauren!!