Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Craze of May

may approaches and i get anxious, for i know the month is set to fly by.  it's always filled with a flurry of events, and it comes at a time when i only want things to slow down.  i'm not ready for langston to advance to first grade, edward to begin preschool next year, or for lyda to turn one this summer.

Though, despite my protests May comes and goes (quickly).
Our May, a bustle of activity - as everyone's is - looked something like this...

Enjoying new friendships made this year

Langston's Mother's Day Luncheon

Outdoor Festivals

loving the weather

a play about bugs

a beautiful monarch butterfly

 winding down after a busy year

 nights out

 a freezing derby party

 zoo dates after school

 girl's weekend

 and loving on this one who will be 1 soon

The Craze of May

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  1. lauren i can so relate! may is one crazy of a month for sure!! i got more emotional at the end of this year....i guess b/c entering into the school aged season just seems so big!! i can't believe i will have 1st grader, kindergartener and preschooler?! it does go too fast! i hear you on not being ready for them to move up a grade! but looks like yours are having so much fun : ) sweet pictures!