Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day at the Farmland

Davis' Farmland
Sterling, MA
a glorified petting zoo, sprinkler park in the summer, and maze in the Fall
Fun Times!
A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I joined great friends for a trip to the farmlands of MA.  Rolling hills, lush landscapes, 'popping' buds, antique shops, and artists on the scene attempting to capture it all - it's really quite pretty, and what a fun day with our Boston friends (who happen to be from Arkansas).  What a blessing the Dunns have been!  
Meredith contacted me before our year in Boston helping to ease the transition of a move from the Mid South to the Northeast.  Soon after arrival I would come to greatly appreciate Meredith's help, & as a bonus gain a wonderful friendship with their family.  Our kids are close in age, Jeff found a fellow Southern SEC lover in Aaron, and Meredith is the sweetest "PLU" I never dreamed of finding here.  Such a blessing and further evidence to me that God has been watching over our family in Boston even before our time here began.

Mary Scott
such a precious girl with a spunky spirit we love
and, adorable Frances
an angel who seems to have captured young Edward's eye:))

watch these goats Langston, for they soon will attack (and capture your cup)

sweet friends

Aaron helping out


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