Wednesday, February 6, 2013


the 1/2
is it here already?  when pregnant i thought it a great idea to sign up for the memphis 1/2 marathon.  13 miles is very doable, i ran it last year pregnant, and i'll have plenty of time to get a couple of long runs in post baby.  unfortunately post lyda,  i'm not quite ready to begin pounding the pavement in september.  i am however extremely stubborn, and i will run this regardless of condition.  
at the end of the day - i'm glad i did it.  (lazy people like me need a kickstart)  memphis and st. jude put on a phenomenal race for some amazing children.  completely worth it!!!
the recital

christmas pageants
  • edward's first

  •  and sis sis's 
the stage isn't exactly her thing (completely fine - it wasn't her parent's either), but she performed & we're proud.  her expression says one thing, but she assures us she had fun?  i'll take it.

the angel atop bebe and bobo's tree

the last minute card

the "clay" house
filling the days on our days off

the forced photos
"Merry Merry"

 and zoo lights
we made it!  after christmas and on it's final night - but we made it


  1. ok i love your card picture! beautiful : ) i'm sure you talented photographer took that : ) also, i love the real pics with you and all 3 of looking backwards, E grabbing your leg....priceless! they are beautiful!

  2. oh erica - any photo with me in it is comical. the photos are always rushed (jeff takes 1) & frantic. what about the christmas eve pics with e's tears & our gritting teeth:) real - yes:) and definitely priceless!