Friday, November 5, 2010

A Birthday Week Full of Activity!!!

Last week our Angel turned four.  FOUR!  I approached this day with mixed emotions.  Yes, it is joyous watching your baby consumed with elation as they enjoy their day, BUT it is also a little sad wondering where this time could be going? 
Your life, Langston, is flying by in an exciting whirlwind.  I love every moment of it, but I also long for it to slow down a bit.  Your precious life is racing past us.

First, the actual birthday - The Year of the Cup Cake

rock star
 Bike Training with Daddy at the Monument
All is well until the fall at the bottom of the hill.  
Never again will we ride down that hill!  (so says Langston)

Edward - 'along for the ride'

Afternoon at the Children's Museum - Langston's favorite locale
another jeffrey in the making

And, the presents!
This is the first birthday where the presence of 'girly' presents is plentifully apparent
bebe and bobo miss their langston
first week of life
and, four
Next - the Halloween Parade & Party at school

Heading out

I love a pararde
Langston and her precious friend, Chloe
Story with Ella and her mom, Paula

 And, the Birthday Party!!!!

Happy Birthday Angel!  It was really fun watching you enjoy this past week filled full of events!

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