Monday, November 1, 2010

A Witch and her Monkey

Earlier this year the production  Wicked  came to Boston, and here sparked the idea, "I think I'll be a witch for Halloween."
My role in this - How to make a witch cute?  With the
help of Etsy, I pulled it off, and (to me) witch and monkey were an adorable pair.  Much cuter than the original
Wicked Witch/Monkey pairing in Wizard of Oz,
the inspiration for our two.

Halloween in Charlestown:  Townies Do Not Play
All sporting costume of some sort - children, the carriages, dogs, adults, everyone (all excluding Jeff, Lauren, and a handful of other self respecting adults).

We listened to the band, strolled in the parade, trick or treated, and returned home to pass out candy.  It was a great evening and certainly an experience to be remembered in Boston.

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  1. Very fun Lauren! Y'all are too cute (and having way too much fun)!!!