Monday, November 8, 2010

My Love of the City - Reason Three

Cherishing "Family Time" 
As our children get older, time with them lessens.  One day a week of Parent's Day Out evolves into two, PDO days evolve into three "Preschool" days a week, then four days, and eventually you are dropping your baby off five days a week at the so chosen Kindergarden.  I am not yet there, but I can only imagine how tough a step this is going to be.  

I would not label myself as the 'picture perfect' wife upon our move to Boston.  Honestly, I did not even accept the move as reality until our house was sold, the movers had arrived to relocate our furniture, and the plane had arrived to relocate us.  BUT, I did set one positive goal for our year.  I would soak up every precious minute spent with our children.  So far, my goal has been a success and Boston has been the perfect place to see it play out.  Certainly there are times when lonliness creeps in, I long for adult conversation, and I yearn for the moment to have nothing to do but tend to myself, but the special moments with my children ultimately have been my joy since our move in June.

Jeff takes the car 98% of the time, and so far (weather has been agreeable) this arrangement has been optimal.  Stroller (or 'carriage') time with the kids allows for the most intimate views of the city.  We have explored many a playground, familiarized ourselves with the various Boston neighborhoods, visited zoos/museums/aquariums, and most importantly enjoyed time together chatting, laughing, and constantly mulling over Young Edward's curious expressions and sounds coming from his side of the carriage.   Bottom line - we are getting to know each other very well in the absence of a car. 

Next year Langston will probably shift from three mornings away at school to four or possibly five.  Yikes!  As I keep repeating, these years are flying by so, so quickly.  This year is our time - a year where every moment will be absorbed and cherished, and a year where our family will enjoy Boston together. What a beautiful blessing!
Most of our days prior to Langston starting school were filled with idle moments where the day's activity was at our choosing.  This particular day the kids and I took the train to the Back Bay, looked around the Prudential Center/Copley Plaza, dined at the Cheesecake Factory, and found a playground in the South End before calling it an afternoon. 

    A couple more idle moments - these were filled with museum trips, lazy afternoons relaxing in the neighborhood, playground excursions, etc...


    1. What an awesome perspective. The same kind of ideas have been floating through my head as we get ready to head to Birmingham next year (not nearly as cool a place as Boston, but different). As always--your little ones are adorable. Wish I could take pictures like you do!

    2. This makes me so excited to read your post. I was just telling David the other night I am most looking forward to having no agenda or places to be while living in Boston. My only job is to love on and interact with my boys. What a joy that will be!!!