Monday, November 15, 2010

We Love our Visitors

One glorious treat offered living in a new city is hosting family and friends and inviting them to share in our Boston life.  This year we have been blessed with trips from Bebe, Bobo, the Bourlands, and most recently Uncle Edward, Aunt Liz, and sweet Will Will.  Langston was eagerly anticipating this visit one month prior to their arrival and ruminating over the sheer joy of it one month post departure.  I love it because she expresses the same emotions Jeff and myself have in their most raw and honest form!

One negative in the Boston experience is the heavy influx of "Night Float" weeks.  This year Jeff is working harder than ever, and the weeks where hours are long can get pretty lonely.  It's all about planning, and this planned Langston trip at the tail of an afore mentioned "Night Float" week could not have come at a better time!  The presence of family and friends was exactly what we needed.

  • Cambridge & Harvard Square

Family Shot on the Harvard Campus
The "Ya Hoo" one man band at Harvard Square.
Uncle Edward wasn't a fan
Looking at him now - I'm no fan either! 

Delicious lunch at Mr. Bartley's Burgers.  Thank you Liz, Great choice!

You have no idea how much Langston loves this little guy.  It is really sweet!

cute, cute, cute
big, big day.  ready for bed
  • Beacon Hill, The Public Gardens, and a walk through the Back Bay

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