Friday, May 13, 2011

Checking off the "Bucket List"

Oh where does the time go???  We are nearing the end of our stay in Boston, and I feel there is still so much to do and see.
On my "bucket list" so many items remain unchecked.  A trip to Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, skiing in the Northeast - all of these things - undone!
We have however, thankfully, managed to check the box by many other Boston area joys.
As time winds down, I'm still trying to fill in the boxes & see all there is to see.  We made it to the cape, a trip to Nantucket is booked, the Bunker Hill Day Parade is on the agenda, and other opportunities will present themselves daily I know.  We want to make the most of this amazing experience and we will.
And, for those "bucket list" items left blank - no worries - there will be many return trips to explore an area I truly have come to love.

  • The Scrugham's trip to Boston - item CHECKED!  
End of April / Beginning of May

We have been eager all year to host Jeff's family, and we were afforded such an opportunity this month.  What a treat!  Jeff's parents drove from Knoxville to visit, and as evident in pictures a wonderful time was had.
Timing could not have been better.  They arrived just in time to join Langston at her school for "Grandfriend Day."  Langston was proud to show off her Mimi and Papa! 
singing to the "grandfriends" 
sweet moment captured
Flowers in full bloom for their visit 

Showing Mimi & Papa our "backyard" in Boston - The Bunker Hill Monument

 Visit to Harvard, and Jeff's iphone is out

 and, the final activity is where???
of course!

Langston took this photo
Pretty good Langston!


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