Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nantucket Part I

Day 1

Getting there

Day 2
Great Point Lighthouse

 to get to the light house you take a lot of precautions...

  1. reduce tire pressure
  2. DO NOT drive on the coatue - unless an experienced "sand" driver
  3. stay in the tracks
follow the rules or you will get stuck in a wide expanse of nature (and only nature)

matching nantucket sweatpants
it's still cold in new england IN MAY 
our experienced "sand" driver
didn't get stuck!

Day 3
lunch at provisions 

and ice cream at the juice bar 

edward and lobster tom

Dionis Beach 

 langston's activity on the beach - dancing
edward's - shell throwing


  1. Fabulous pictures!!!! We will all be jealous of your weather pretty soon. The hot, humid weather will hit Memphis before long. Hope you are enjoying it there. I love that part of the country!

  2. those are some super-cute pants on big-boy edgewood! great picturs too. looks like a blast!