Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day...
This is the first year I actually 'got' it.  Why I thought this 'day off' unnecessary for 33 years, I've no idea?
My ignorance - only a testament to the lack of appreciation my amazing mother wholly deserves.
I guess my children too will fall short in this appreciation, but this makes no difference to me as it makes no difference to sweet Bebe.  I love you Mom!
A day orchestrated by me...
Sleep in;
long run;
Jeff and the kids meet me at the Public Garden;
Jeff acknowledges how difficult it is to get kids out of the house, on the T, and to the destination fully clothed & prepared w/ all necessary supplies for the day;
and, mexican feast for dinner
Thank you Jeff, Langston, & Edward.  What a wonderful day you gave me!
they made it!
langston doesn't seem too enthused

A Revelation
A run through Fenway Park before a Red Sox game, and one of my greatest running experiences. 
Here, while circling the stadium 3 times, I came to a revelation helping to explain my love of Boston.  Bostoners love Boston and everything about it.  The Red Sox - i know nothing about their success/failures as a team - but I would imagine that stadium is packed every game.  People rise from the the woodwork to support their team - their "town."  Their pride is contagious.  I love it!  You live here, and you want to be a Bostoner too.

Bubble Fun

In Boston Mothers Day is a true celebration.  The kids (and some extremely dedicated and loving Fathers) dress as ducks for the "Make Way for Duckings" Parade in the Gardens and Beacon Hill.  Unfortunately we missed the Parade, but we still arrived in time for the festivities.  
And, we got to see our friends Shaw and Gwyn pictured below.  Adorable!

Taking the T to La Verdad
lady bug - smile!
i promise she had a good day

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  1. i have a feeling boston will miss its cute duckling langston-scrughams family!! :)