Monday, May 30, 2011

The Ballet Recital

Jeff boarded a plane for London to present his final project for Children's, Bebe and Bobo flew North to Boston, and Langston prepared for her first stage performance.

The impending recital (or "demonstration") was here,
and our dancer was ready!

The Venue
Boston University 
Tsai Performing Arts Center
May 28, 2011

the family anxiously waiting
Bobo appears a little nervous for Langston 
no worries Bobo
she's got this

Langston did great!  It wasn't until after the show, when Bobo and I presented our dancer with flowers, that we noticed something was off.  Langston was shell-shocked.  She jumped into my arms, clung for dear life, and was speechless for nearly an hour.  Langston is not a fan of attention, and this experience screamed 'attention.'  It was a little much, but as Bobo said - "a good experience."  Let's hope, because my initial response was, 'what have i done to her???'  
After the fan-fare settled our dancer had mentally returned and was ready to celebrate 'her day.'  All was well, but I'm not sure she'll be eager to participate in a stage performance any time soon.  

And on with 'her day'

ice cream & bubbles at the monument

edward, bobo, langston

Beautiful job Langston.  I'm so proud.  It was frightening stepping onto that stage, but you did it!  You are my brave angel & I love you!


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